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Regarding Regrets

Regarding Regrets

Jesus and Hanukkah


Jesus & Hanukkah

The Enemy

Q & A With Dr. Jeffrey Johnson

Q&A with Dr. Jeffrey Johnson
Founder of Israel Today Ministries

Why should evangelicals seek to understand the Jewish roots of Christianity?

Let's Do It Again!

Let's Do It Again! Hanukkah/Christmas Project:  Feed Israel's Children

*  10 homes

*  25 Children per home

*  2 hot meals, 1 sumptuous snack

*  Sheltered from poverty & violence

*  $14,000 annually

A Debt to the Synagogue


The church owes a debt to the synagogue in many areas:


Our Debt


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Transfiguration of Messiah


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Isaac Was Comforted


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He Made the Stars Also


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During Eternity


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