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Does God Suffer? Chaos in Paradise

The last few years we have found ourselves in a position to minister to and comfort those who have lost their homes in northern Israel being victims of rockets launched from Hezbollah’s lair in Lebanon; to families who lost their children in suicide bombings; and school children who race to bomb shelters when they hear the “red color” sirens sounding the alarm that Hamas in Gaza fired more rockets into their town – because of the stress and fear the children wet their beds and rock back and forth while sitting not even realizing they are doing this motion. They have nightmares; parents weep and struggle because they have no money to buy food. Holocaust survivors live in poverty within the walls of Israel. And now the new threat of the so-called Arab Spring with the change of power and the emboldened nefarious leader of Iran clanging his swords at Israel creates another level of stress and suffering. Does God feel this suffering and fear?